Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Student Funding

Correct me if I am wrong but if higher education actually works then students would be paying more tax anyway and therefore pay for their education that way. If this cannot now be afforded then perhaps there are too many students getting degrees, or income tax should be higher for everyone.

Students all ready pay for their education in the following ways...
1. Through paying more tax after graduation having got a higher paid job.
2. Through their time and hard work through the achievement of their degree.
3. Through taking time out when they could be earning a proper wage, or indeed receiving benefits which they would not have to repay.
4. Through repaying their loan for living costs, which if they were on the dole they would not have to repay.

Now the Government wants them to pay for a fifth time i.e. through repaying excessive fees!

The only way to fund students in higher education is through the immediate return of grants or a benefit at a higher level than you would get if you were on the dole. It is ridiculous to penalise people over and over for trying to get the skills that the country will need in the future to flourish.

As for the Liberal Democrats who supposedly opposed fees. It is funny how they have abandoned everything they believed in as soon as they saw that if they did so they could get into power.