Thursday, 21 November 2013

Comments on the temporary Westercraigs Nursery School in Meadowpark Street

I understand children must have freedom to play. I am an OAP and the noise in my living room can be deafening at times when I want to hear my TV. Also the volume of traffic is terrible, when my son comes to pick me up he now has to park the car away down the street I have trouble walking. This is all since Westercraigs Nursery School was temporarily situated near my home. When I moved in opposite were playing fields and it was so peaceful. What a change.

I think it is appalling that Glasgow City Council let the old school building get into such a poor state of repair that it was condemned and then the nursery school children had to be decanted at short notice into a temporary building in an unsuitable location.

The Old Westercraigs Nursery School building

I say temporary advisedly since this conjures up ideas of 6 months to a year, not 6 years and counting! They can find the money for things that are not needed such as George Square being refurbished, pop concerts, etc. but they can't look after their own nursery school children, or their own council tax payers.

The temporary Westercraigs Nursery School is previously discussed here.

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