Friday, 22 August 2014

Just got home from seeing my Mum who is unwell and needs some assistance at the moment, to discover someone has stuck Naw stickers on my front windows.

Just got home from seeing my Mum who is unwell and needs some assistance at the moment, to discover someone has stuck Naw stickers on my front windows. The person who did this was obviously trying to balance the somewhat larger Yes posters on the windows. The former were however easily removed.

If I was a Better Together activist perhaps I could claim assault and get quoted on the BBC, perhaps even making the headlines!

As it is I put it on Facebook as yet another example of the petty minded vandalism being targeted at people displaying Yes posters in their windows and who have Yes Flags in their gardens. It seems that NO activists (the few of them there are in Scotland, many being bussed in from down south and paid for the joy of visiting their northern outpost) seem to dislike the democratic process that is going on in Scotland at the moment.

A YES vote is about social justice, normalism, self determination, internationalism, the future, and the settled belief that we have a very good chance of being able to do things better (as we certainly have all the resources to do so – as the YES and the NO campaigns agree, or at least say they do).

We are one of the most unequal countries in the western world; we have 1 in 3 children born in Glasgow living in poverty; we have one of the lowest life expectancies; we have increasing numbers of people relying on food banks just to feed themselves from week to week, we have western Europe’s biggest nuclear weapons arsenal situated about 30 miles for our largest city, and for 27 of the first 65 years of the post WW2 years we have been ruled by Westminster Governments Scotland didn’t vote for. But we have best of both worlds they say.

All I’d say is if you’re planning to vote No and you’re NOT a billionaire businessman, a UK government minister or a Scottish Labour MP (who doesn't really give a **** about his constituents), it might be worth wondering why that is.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

John Jappy, retired London civil servant. Can an Independent Scotland stand on its own two feet?

Felt I must put these videos on this blog as they cut through the rubbish portrayed by Better Together on the matter of Scotland's ability or lack of it to stand on its own two feet as an independent country.

John Jappy says...

'As a civil servant in London, and being part of the establishment, I always accepted the general view that an independent Scotland would not be able to survive on its own without financial help from the London Exchequer.'

'However, when in 1968 I was able to examine the so-called "books" for the first time, I was shocked to find that the position was exactly the opposite and that Scotland contributed much more to the UK economy than its other partners.  This was, of course, before the oil boom.'
His blog is here...

His 3 videos are shown below...
1. Hiding the Truth

2. Scotland's Oil

3. Politicians Quotes