Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Royal Mail. Shockingly bad service since Cubie Street Delivery Office Closed.

Earlier this year the delivery office for my area at Cubie Street in the east end of Glasgow closed. This was followed by the closure of the other delivery offices in the east end of Glasgow.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the east end of Glasgow is now in Cambuslang and more difficult to get to by public transport than most of Scotland or indeed England.

Royal Mail Glasgow East End sorting office closures = Royal Fail for Glasgow's East End

I responded to Royal Mail's response to my complaint regarding the closure of Cubie Street in December 2012, this response being detailed in this post...
Stop the closure of Cubie Street Sorting Office, December 2012

The sorting office closed early in 2013, it being quite clear that the Royal Mail were not interested in their customers at all, and their supposed consultation process was a sham! Their rationalisation was in preparation for the UK Government's sell-off later in 2013 which has now also occurred although very few wanted it, particularly in Scotland. The only way incidentally to insure it returns to being a public service is to vote YES in the impending 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

Now I am able to say to confirm that living in the delivery area for this new service has resulted in a poorer, more remote and difficult to access service.

This week, despite being nearly always in the house, I have missed the delivery of two parcels. I have tried on a number of occasions, using a 08456 number which of-course is a way for the Royal Mail to make more money out of an ever deteriorating service, to contact this delivery office to arrange re-delivery as I am meant to be able to do this for free (fat chance!).

Each time the automated system has supplied me with a re-delivery date which is unsuitable for me, and you can no longer speak to a real person. I think they have all been sacked.

I have tried throughout this year to avoid having parcels delivered any more because of the local sorting office closure.

Cubie Street Sorting Office closure is Royal Fail.

Besides calling their premium rate number to re-arrange a failed Royal Mail delivery I can do the following...
  1. Re-arrange for the delivery to be sent to a local Post Office. However this costs extra.
  2. I can try to re-arrange this delivery online. However this means I must have a computer which is fine for me, but not others who do not have online access.
  3. Leave the parcels where they are and let them be returned to their original address meaning I am out of pocket and have not received what I ordered.
  4. I can let them deliver it to another person, which for most parcels is not a problem, but I don't want them to do this as standard. Being absolutely sure that the parcel you had arranged for was definitely going to be delivered to me, as opposed to being dumped on anyone close by was the unique selling point that the Royal Mail used to have, but not any more.
  5. Get to Fullarton Drive to collect both parcels. I am unsure as to what size they are so don't know if I could carry them, and plus it would take me most of the day to get there and back since I have no personal transport, plus I would again be out of pocket this time in money and time due to the Royal Mail's ever deteriorating service.
  6. I can never arrange to have another parcel delivered to me ever again, which is what I would like if we can't have our local delivery or sorting office back!
What a shame for all the online companies that I used to order from. Now if it won't fit through my letter box I try not to order online, so trying to avoid this irritating problem of the Royal Mail's making.

Royal Mail Cubie Sorting Office = Royal Fail at Fullarton Drive Sorting Office

Comments on the temporary Westercraigs Nursery School in Meadowpark Street

I understand children must have freedom to play. I am an OAP and the noise in my living room can be deafening at times when I want to hear my TV. Also the volume of traffic is terrible, when my son comes to pick me up he now has to park the car away down the street I have trouble walking. This is all since Westercraigs Nursery School was temporarily situated near my home. When I moved in opposite were playing fields and it was so peaceful. What a change.

I think it is appalling that Glasgow City Council let the old school building get into such a poor state of repair that it was condemned and then the nursery school children had to be decanted at short notice into a temporary building in an unsuitable location.

The Old Westercraigs Nursery School building

I say temporary advisedly since this conjures up ideas of 6 months to a year, not 6 years and counting! They can find the money for things that are not needed such as George Square being refurbished, pop concerts, etc. but they can't look after their own nursery school children, or their own council tax payers.

The temporary Westercraigs Nursery School is previously discussed here.