Tuesday, 10 December 2013

More Comment Regarding the Temporary Westercraigs Nursery School

I am a full time nurse at the Royal Infirmary and work shifts. This means I require to sleep frequently during the day. The nursery school opposite makes this very difficult most of the time. It is not like the secondary school was before as the noisy times were concentrated at particular times of the day, and even then the noise was much less. Something must be done to make it less noisy. 

Having the nursery opposite is really unfair both for me and the children within it. I think it is amazing that Glasgow City Council was allowed to let the old school building get into such a poor state that it was condemned and then the nursery school children had to be moved almost overnight into a temporary hut-like structure in an unsuitable location. However it can hardly be considered temporary since it has been there 6 years and counting!

The old Westercraigs Nursery School building which adjoined Golfhill Primary (also moved at short notice)

The temporary Westercraigs Nursery School is previously discussed here in a communication with Glasgow City Council.

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