Monday, 17 February 2014

Yet More Comments Regarding the Temporary Westercraigs Nursery School

We bought our flat many years ago when Meadowpark Street was a pleasant quiet street to stay in. My husband frequently works nights and therefore must sleep during the day. 

Meadowpark Street used to be a pleasant and quiet street to stay in

He is now constantly disturbed by the nursery gates opening and closing, and children screaming all day long. This has been so bad, that we have had to create a temporary bedroom in our home so he can have some sort of sleep and get him away from the nursery at the front of the building. 

 This has been so bad that we have had to create a temporary bedroom in our home

I don’t see how the Council can just dump a nursery school on us, saying that it is temporary for a few years and now it is becoming more permanent by the day. If it is to stay for any longer I want the Council to pay for double glazing for our windows at the front as their nursery is making our lives miserable because of the noise, and, give us a Council Tax reduction for the inconvenience. Even with this I look forward to when it is not there any more as it has ruined the atmosphere and look of the street.

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