Tuesday, 27 October 2015

WELFARE BILL currently going through the UK Houses of Parliament

I have caught some of today's debate on the welfare bill in the House of Commons debate. I am one of the people who will be adversely affected by the proposed changes as I receive Employment and Support Allowance and am in the work related activity group. I receive approximately £5000 per year ESA. Under the UK Government's proposals this will be reduced by £1500 per year. This is scary as all ready I cannot balance the books and frequently my house is cold and saving money is always on my mind with every decision. I did not ask to be long term sick and never wanted to claim this benefit. Thank goodness the SNP MPs including my own MP in Glasgow North East, Anne McLaughlin are fighting this bill as I am in quite a good position in comparison to many who will be affected even although it will put me in more financial strife that I don't know how I am going to stand long term.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


This story follows on from my previous post of 13.10.2014 a link to which is shown immediately below...

I received a reply to my enquiry regarding the blocked right of way at the end of Lady Margaret Drive. Despite this contradicting previous information supplied by South Ayrshire Council it does indeed answer the question if it indeed it is public land and always has been.

Lady Margaret Drive is the L shape in the centre of the image. The area in question is the green area through which the path ran for approximately 20 years.

This is the letter received...
Dear Mr CrawfordPlease see attached map showing SAC ownership of the area to the rear of Lady Margaret Drive the pink area is South Ayrshire Council the light green area highlighted is not in council ownership this is private land and I am afraid I do not have the details of who owns this land.  You would be able to get this detail from The Register of Scotland in Edinburgh 08456070161.
I cannot comment on what you have been previously told, and as far as I can see this area of land has never been in council ownership.
M D (name appears on original letter)
However having received this I researched rights of way. Having looked at the legislation i.e. that rights of way do indeed exist in Scotland (something that I had hitherto been unaware of) it seems that the owner of the Darley Plantation was aware of this fact, which is why after approximately 20 years the path was closed, as this is the length of time required to make it a right of way. It is significant as the access at the end of Balcomie Crescent (the other road which terminates at the green area which signifies Darley Plantation) remains open. 
For more information regarding rights of way please see the below link...
So much as the closed path irritates every time I go there the landowner holds all the cards as usual.