Friday, 20 February 2015

Please don't go....but please don't have any influence on anything that affects you. There's a good wee region!

Watching ‪#‎QuestionTime‬ this evening from Stockton on Tees, on tv in Glasgow, makes me at a loss to understand how anyone could not believe Scotland would be better off in virtually every way if it was independent.

Again we see a Tory representative (Lord Mickey Mouse I think his name was) say something foul about Scotland by using that old chestnut that Scotland is a subsidy junky, which was greeted with a warm applause. For some reason the audience had very few anti trident supporters (there`s a surprise - it wouldn't for the BBC to be biased would it?). All in all it was a painful experience - I knew there was a reason I no longer really watch these sorts of shows on the BBC!

I am in a state of disbelief at anyone with a eyes, ears, and a brain that even partially works, who actually voted voluntarily to remain attached to this mob as that is surely the only way they can be described. I remain completely confused; dumbfounded if you like.

Better Together?

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad! The only sensible one that seemed to know anything about Scotland and about its low position in the United Kingdom hierarchy (or Greater England) was Nicola Sturgeon. Now there's a thing!

It's like we are a different species in Scotland from the rest of the UK these days.

I can't relate to any of the other panel members or the majority of the audience members who just seem like aliens from another planet. But then I have come to realise that they always were and we were cajoled and brainwashed into thinking we were better attached to the UK by the media and the BBC in particular.

Up until last years Independence Referendum campaign this was a subtle malign influence on Scotland as we had kept our place. 

But when we dared to look as though we might cut off the supply of money from the oil and our other assets, and wouldn't any longer supply our lochs to house the UK's weapons of mass destruction to our imperial masters it has gone into overdrive. 
The emotion is beyond anger. And it is more than sadness. I think it is still called desolation and a feeling I am getting very used to since September 2014. We share an island with people who just don't get it and we chose to stay stuck to them, and given tonight's performance they really don't give a shit. Hopefully this will not be for another 300 years. Its too awful to think about.

And to think 55% of people who live in Scotland actually voted for this. I don't know what else to say.

Had to laugh at a warning that came up before watching the 1st episode of Eastenders on the BBC Red button this evening

Interesting to see ‪#‎Eastenders‬ episode 1 from 1985 on the Red Button this evening compared to the current 30 years special episodes this week. The current episodes are sanitized and are no where near as gritty and real, and therefore not nearly as enjoyable (but just as miserable in general).

Had a laugh at the warning which came up beforehand particularly where it said 'some scenes may offend viewers that may not have offended people in 1985'. I am constantly offended by the stuff on telly these days yet I receive no warning nor would I expect one.

The world gets progressively more bonkers in many ways, particularly at the BBC, whose news programmes have become something of a joke in many quarters in Scotland since they went into propaganda overload in favour of of the UK and 'Better Together' during the referendum and haven't given up since.

Eastenders episode 1 from 1985 on youtube

Friday, 6 February 2015

Labour have been taking their vote in Scotland for granted far too long.

Labour have been taking their vote in Scotland for granted far too long.

Voting Labour does not protect us from a Tory government and it will not protect us from a right wing austerity agenda they have adopted and will impose for the next 5 years. 

Scotland voted Labour in 1979, 1983, 1987, 1992 & 2010 and got a Tory Government, the most latest one with the Liberal Democrats in tow.

Lets return a SNP majority from Scotland 2015 !! 

Lets send Labour a message - Red Tories will not be tolerated in Scotland!