Thursday, 23 June 2016

Which do you prefer Project Fear v Project Fear plus Project Hate

I have voted Remain. I believe strongly that something like the EU needs to exist and for Scotland to be a member. But the EU is far from perfect. 
Scotland is currently a sub-nation as long as it is in the UK
As long as we are a sub-nation within the UK Scotland is most definitely better of IN rather than out. 
Neither campaign inspired, both campaigns were #ProjectFear, but we did have a new development i.e. #ProjectHate from the #VoteLeave campaign and their more extreme bedfellows. 

Project Hate of Vote Leave actually made me definitely vote Remain
The Project Hate of Vote Leave actually made me definitely vote Remain when initially I was decidedly lukewarm in doing that, wondering whether to just abstain and not bother. 
I started off about 55% Remain and ended up according to an online questionnaire 81% Remain. So the leave campaign was very successful in making me go for the opposite of what they wanted.

What a difference in atmosphere between EuroRef and indyref

I am stuck between the atmosphere for this referendum in comparison to the last one that occurred in Scotland. 
It was also most definitely nothing like a General Election which the television commentators were comparing it to in England. There was nothing happening and nobody at the polling station. It seems just a mid summer overcast Thursday night in summer.
I have seen 3 Vote Leave stalls and one Vote Remain poster on one window. 
This compares with 15 Yes posters still displayed on peoples windows from the Scottish Independence Referendum almost 2 years ago.
I have also become increasingly concerned as the campaigns have gone on about the xenophobic rhetoric coming from the Vote Leavers. If people do generally feel that this relates to them and their lives then I am even more sure than I was that Scotland will most definitely be better of outside the UK but still in Europe.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Which costs more? The direct debit for electricity for a 6 bedroom town house, or a 2 bedroom tenement flat?

I have previously written about my issues with my energy supplier Scottish Power and the fact that I can realistically have any electricity supplier I like as long as it is Scottish Power.

Please see the story below...

I know I am not alone in the old SSEB (South of Scotland Electricity Board) area in this position. I also know that I am not alone with other people in other areas of the UK being in similar positions with their old geographical electricity supplier. I have also written to my previous 2 Labour MPs on this subject receiving polite but dismissive replies, and am still awaiting for a reply from my current MP the SNP representative for Glasgow North East, Anne McLaughlin who I know and who I assisted in getting elected. However she has the honour so far of taking the longest time of any of them to reply. Hopefully her reply will be worth the wait but that remains to be seen.

Recently my monthly Scottish Power direct debit has more than doubled

I was somewhat dumbfounded to hear from Scottish Power last year stating that with immediate effect my direct debit would more than double from £44.00 to £98.00 per month.

I complained at the time having eventually got a reply and was advised that this was realistic given my electricity usage. Given that I have recently been reducing my electricity usage this was surprise to say the least but did not have the time to look into it due to other commitments.

Then in April this year I got a meter reading and thought surely this direct debit figure must come down. It didn't! My direct debit was raised to £103.00 per month.

This was a prompt, if I needed one, to look into things in detail.

Which of the following 2 properties do you think would have a higher electricity direct debit?
1. A 6 bedroom Glasgow West End townhouse. This is not my friend's property.
2. A 2 bedroom tenement ground floor flat, 2 of the windows in the building shown. This is not my tenement.
Which costs more? 
1. the direct debit for electricity for a 6 bedroom town house or 
2. the direct debit for electricity for a 2 bedroom tenement flat?

I checked with one of my friends who lives in a 6 bedroom town house in the west end of Glasgow who advised that they were paying £98.00 per month for gas and electricity with EDF. They do not have double glazing.

With me staying in a 2 bedroom tenement flat with double glazing the £103.00 was beginning to look rather ridiculous.

Therefore the answer to the above question is 2 i.e. the tenement flat.

My electricity usage has fallen, the unit costs have remained the same

Further investigation did indeed confirm my electricity usage has fallen, not increased over the last few years.

Also I discovered that the unit rates for charging had remained unchanged for several years.

Scottish Power are PROFITEERING at their customers expense

Therefore my only conclusion is that Scottish Power are operating on the principal that it is better for their 'valuable' customers money to be in their bank accounts rather than their own accounts so they can earn more money (also know as profiteering) for their share holders.

I would therefore advise anyone who can change electricity supplier from Scottish Power to do so without delay as they are not a company who you want to trust with your money. If I could change supplier without incurring a large additional change I would do so without delay.

If you cannot do this make a complaint as I have done, and ask for the vast overpayments which they are holding your behalf back. After all the money is nearly all ways better in your bank account than theirs.

Scottish Power customer service is lamentable at best

And this is nothing to do with their customer service which is lamentable at best for which I have just been advised that I am to receive a £73.00 refund for.

It illustrates the need yet again for energy companies to be brought back into public ownership rather than having big multi-national corporations profiteering at consumers expense for the supply of essential services.

Avoid dealing with this company if you can as it is profiteering at their customers expense

Essential services should be supplied by publicly owned companies not multi-nationals

If the market amongst energy suppliers actually worked to the customer's advantage then that would make things better. In my case I am unable to access that market thanks to the incompetence of the UK Government who privatised these utility companies in the first place and created the market in which they operate. The UK Government in their haste to raise a fast buck have failed and continue to fail their own people in this respect.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Case for Scottish Independence: This is a tale of government intrigue and double dealing and how the political fall out changed the course of history

'30 years ago (referring to the 1979 assembly referendum) the people of Scotland were given a chance to decide their future, but was this one of the most cynical exercises of recent times? This is a tale of government intrigue and double dealing and how the political fall out changed the course of history....'

Probably the best video I have ever seen as regards Scottish independence and as relevant now as it was when it was originally posted on YouTube in January 2012. It explains exactly what was the impetus that turned me from a mindless UK drone into a person that believed in Scottish self determination in the late 1970s and 1980s. If I have a wobble caused by the ‪#‎yoon‬ media I just need to watch this and I immediately realise what all this is about and continues to be about, even before it comes to creating a new and fairer society for all residents in Scotland. A MUST SHARE for everyone.

If the above doesn't work please use the link below and share widely.